There is no a both cheap and high quality translation

Translation is both cheap and high quality, yes or no?

Haruka Company always stress that we always provide low-cost and high-quality translation services. It is a relativity and also a perfection in the market between buyers and sellers.

However, there will certainly not be a service that is both cheap and HIGH quality as many people expect. We insist like that because quality always goes parallel with price.

Here are some analyzes to prove our justification:

What is a high-quality translation and what is the pricing criteria for that translated document?

Criteria of a high-quality translation

The first is words

Does a translated document need to use common vocabulary or scientific terms? The translation should use words that are intelligable and must be the most appropriate.

In any foreign language, it seems a scientific term sometimes is translated into a different meaning than the word commonly used.

Context, style, culture, customs affect the selection of an appropriate translation language. Therefore, determining the correct translation language for the translated document will help the the document have a more native style

What kind of structure is more commonly used?

The selection of appropriate word structure, component of compound sentence, and phrase is also an advanced skill that few translators can master.

Because it takes experience of life in the native country or much contact with native people that can be able to know how to use common words. This issue needs comprehanding so that the translation of text documents or translation of movies or video clips is highly relevant to the audience.

Format and writing style

And the important criteria we share to have a good translation is that the translation must be formatted (presented) exactly like the original, the writing style must be true to its nature and the content must be legible.

Then how will the price of the translated document be specified?

To achieve a best quality translation, our translators must be highly qualified to know what words, grammar, and style to use for their translated documents.

They must be people with rich experience and vocabulary, having spent many years studying the translation industry as well as having regular access to native speakers.

That’s why we pay these professionals so well, which means that the cost of translation will inevitably be commensurate with the quality of translations that “quality” people deliver.

The high price paid for a high-quality translation is an inevitable part of the rule of buying and selling in the market, that cost is the paid for the expertise, experience, and intellectual labor that is worthy of those who work. create that premium value. Hopefully, the above useful information that Haruka Company brings will help you to be aware of the problem “There is no a both cheap and HIGH-quality translation”. To be able to compare and choose an affordable service with guaranteed quality.