4 things that customers should do to improve translation “quality”

For all translation companies, “quality” is the most important factor to create a reputable brand of the company. Of course, translation quality will be affected by the translator’s skill.

But customer consciousness also plays an important role in preserving the image, brand and reputation of the company.

Haruka Company would like to present 4 things that customers should do to improve the translation “quality” of the translation company.

1. Employ experienced and professional translators and interpreters

When you ask an experienced and professional translator to handle your translation, for your convenience and to help the translation company work more flexibly, you can find out and recommend the translator or interpreter of translation company, who has experience in the field of customers’ interest so that we can appoint and provide a service to you more rationally and efficiently.

2. Clearly provide requirements to translators or interpreters or coordinator

In addition to the need for smooth coordination between the coordinator of translation company and the translators and interpreters, the client needs to work seriously and communicate with the interpreter or coordinator accurately, in detail and clearly for customer’s requirements to avoid misunderstandings leading to errors encountered in the translation process.

3. The deadline should not be too short for translation product sent back

In some cases, customers require an urgent translation service and have to send translated products in a short time.

The translation company can meet the needs of the customer, but if the time limit required by the customer is too short while the document is too long or complicated, it is likely to cause unexpected errors in the translated document due to time pressure and short of careful review. We would like to notice that it is possible to meet a short time but must be “reasonable”, ie within the permissive limit and must be agreed by mutuals.

4. Provide a term list

It is certain that translators and interpreters staff will have enough skills to respond the needs of customers, but customers should also provide a term list for the translation company , for example. such as high tech terms, advanced programming languages, etc., so that they can use them correctly as well as speed up translation and complete translation in a short time and native check will be performed soon, this will help your translated document be checked more carefully and accurately.

Consequently, the responsibility for the translated document comes from both sides, the customer and the translation service provider. Therefore, the cooperation between the customer and the translation company will greatly determine the quality of the translation product.

For smart use of translation services, we expect that customers are properly aware of the importance of these factors to improve the translation quality of the company.