Easily learning foreign languages with 5 Podcast channels

It can be seen that learning foreign languages in the traditional way through books, CDs, etc. is no longer the optimal choice for those who are really passionate about foreign languages.

Today, when science and technology has developed, the popularity of media has helped learners to develop their foreign language skills quickly.

In the world today, Podcast channels grow continuously and the number of listeners is increasing.

These media channels are very popular in the world, so many people can use this method to learn foreign languages effectively.

Haruka Company would like to introduce 5 Podcast channels that are rated as the best support for foreign language learning.

1. Learning Japanese

For example, learning Japanese, you can use Learn Japanese with YesJapan, which is quite an interesting media channel as the lessons are mixed with many interesting topics, such as learning Japanese Grammar through through Power Rangers heroes.

If you have a desire to become a freelancer in the translation from English into Japanese, this is really a very interesting way to start.

2. Learning Chinese

Chinese is one of the most popular languages ​​in the world. Therefore, learning Chinese is not only essential, but it is also a long-term investment.

For this language, we would like to recommend the channel MelynksChinese – one of the popular and best rated choices for Chinese learners.

3. Learning Portuguese

There are many different podcast channels that help with learning Portuguese, but we recommend BrazillianPodClass.

This is a paid channel but also very useful because they provide learners with transcripts to help learners absorb more effectively.

4. Learning different languages ​​for beginners

There are different channels for different languages, but there is one podcast channel that offers more than 30 different languages. It’s the channel LanguagePod101.

5. Learning foreign languages ​​to travel

In addition to the need to learn foreign languages for the needs of academics, research, etc, it is also necessary to cultivate basic foreign languages ​​for tourism needs. With this need, you can choose Survival Phrases to practice foreign languages.

This is a website that provides travel vocabulary in more than 27 different languages, helping to break down the language barrier so that tourists can be confident when traveling to new lands.


Although there are many methods to learn a new language, the above introduction by Haruka Translation Company about effective foreign language learning channels is just for your reference, if you intend to become a translator. , translator or a linguist, it is necessary to cultivate through many different channels and have a clear plan to be successful.