Haruka provided English-Japanese-Vietnamese consecutive interpretation in the financial sector in Hung Yen

Consecutive interpretation is one of the most popular types of interpretation today. The interpreter’s job is to translate right after listening the conversation into another language. In order to ensure the accuracy of the translated content, it is required that the interpreter must have good memory in a short time to organize the information and must have a deep knowledge of terms.

Within 3 days: 13, 14, 15/7/2020, Haruka successfully provided English-Japanese-Vietnamese consecutive interpretation in Hung Yen for the meeting of the Board of Directors to report on the company’s financial situation. company. Attendants were Vietnamese leaders who participated via TV meeting with Thai, Laos, and Japanese partners. Translated information included the financial activities of the corporate, business results, cash flows; business objectives and orientations, discussions, management reports, shareholder meetings.

In addition, Haruka used to be in charge of translating and interpreting year-end financial statements, tax reports, and audits for many businesses and economic organizations at home and abroad.

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