1 Company founded by cooperation between Japanese and Vietnamese

Our company was officially established in 2012 by Japanese and Vietnamese who have been working in the field of translation since 2003.

2 Bring back the product after being rigorously checked

We aim to translation products that can be used right at the time the customer receives the product.

Our company actively uses Computer Assisted Tool (CAT) to make the translation more efficiency and better quality.

3 Create an environment for customers’ satisfaction

Translation quotation will always be free.

We also don’t charge for trial translations.

After completion, if any unsatisfied with translation, we will discuss and offer the most appropriate service under customer’s requirement, completely free of charge for proofreading and correction.



> English> Japanese> Korean> Chinese
> Thai> Indonesian> Laos> Burmese
> Arabic> French> German> Spanish
> Italian> Portuguese> Russian>Hindi
> Bengali> Nepali> Turkish> Khmer
> Norwegian> Dutch

Type of documents

> Website> Catalogue > Contract> Books
> Manual> Financial Statement> Presentation> Legals
> Diploma and certificate

Professional field

> Information Technology> Construction> Healthcare and Medicine> Engineering
> Travel> Environment and Energy> Fashion and Cosmetics> Game mobile apps
> Arts, sports and culture

Let Haruka bring you the best translation!

Haruka Company is one of leading translation companies with a reasonable price in Hanoi.
Providing translation and interpretation service in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French and German, etc for at home and abroad companies with the collaboration of over 1.000 professional persons .
We have been providing interpretation for Governmental agencies, banks, universities, manufacturer, insurance companies, real estate companies, consultant companies, tourism companies, TV broadcasting, press, etc