Research on evolution of the translation industry

It can be said that there was no communication among areas as the humankind society was still in the primitive commune system, human lived in groups to make food together without any personal property, so the economy is in autarky to meet simple demand.

But when escaping from the primitive commune system, and chattel slavery system started to form, especially when it came to Feudalism, economic exchanges became widespread, nations and merchants began to develop trade with each other.

And by that time, translation began to develop to meet the needs of communication between countries.

After Feudalism, when the capitalist regime formed industries and services more flourishing than pure agriculture, promoting trade between countries. Learning foreign languages ​​have also become an official subject from primary schools to universities throughout the world, and by that moment the development of translation of new languages ​​has formed most clearly.

Today’s economy is becoming more and more developed, countries are constantly expanding bilateral and multilateral relations with other countries in the world to find new business opportunities for themselves.

That’s why translation is one of the most popular and important industries today

Our country is also in the period of international economic integration, the number of students studying at foreign language universities as well as studying abroad is increasing.

Therefore, the translation industry is currently considered one of the extremely developed industries today with many translation companies opening and operating in the country as well as abroad.