8 Websites to help improve English translation skills

In translation and interpretation, it requires many factors related to technique, knowledge and sense for target language. An important factor that translators must always remember is the constant learning.

Haruka Translation Company would like to introduce the following 8 useful websites that can help improve English translation skills:

8 useful websites to improve English translation skills


The website is in the famous American press organization (VOA). The website’s methodology lies in short articles. Speaker’s pronunciation will help you improve your specialized vocabulary more efficient.


ABC News is an American radio and television agency. All US news is regularly updated on this page.


TED is a combination of the first letter of Technology, Entertainment, Design. These are the three general aspects that form the world we live. This website helps translators improve their access to scientific language and develop their rich vocabulary


Not only is it one of the hottest news channels in the world. CNN is also a website to help you learn American English through up-to-date information, faster and more effectively than ever before.


With up to date and varied topics, this website will help you experience authentic English – English through all 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Moreover, pronunciation is always focused on each word of the reader. So if you take it seriously, your English pronunciation will definitely follow the British accent.


A website that always updates all lectures, seminars of universities, organizations, programs and events. In which videos and audios are regularly updated to help develop diverse language skills.


This is a useful website that provides in-depth courses in science, engineering, .. Researching this web resource will help translators a lot in the process of choosing the right language more suitable.


Each of the above websites has its own benefits to improve the language perception and development of the translator’s vocabulary.

With a huge store of knowledge related to all specialty, researching and constantly updating information from the above websites can help translators enrich their thinking ability.

And creativity to make the translated language closer to the native language.