Can interpretation really make easy money?

Interpretation is a career that brings a relatively high income in the market in comparison with to other professions in the world.

Interpretation is a career that brings a relatively high income in the market in comparison with to other professions in the world.

This is a profession that not only brings a great income, but also provides the opportunities of experience and interact with many different places at home and abroad.

Can interpretation really make easy money?

Interpretation can be simply a way in which interpreter convey information and semantic content from one language to another through oral communication.

Interpreters are the bridge that helps people who speak different languages ​​to communicate smoothly.

And if the concept of communication is considered as success when the communicating parties understand the exchange content, feel the viewpoints and attitudes of partner, etc., to have the behavior and communication. appropriately…interpreter’s job is not only to translate, but also to show/express the nuances of the communication objects in the shortest time.

For the income of interpreters, most people agree that this is one of the professions that bring a very high and relatively stable income source. Because experience is the measure of “brand” for the interpreter and is accordingly priced to the translator.

Currently, the general remuneration in the labor market of translation industry, in terms of languages, the cheapest is English interpretation, the most expensive is Arabic, Danish-Dutch interpretation…; In terms of content, the cheapest is in socio – economic fields in general and the most expensive is in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, space… in terms of type of interpretation, the simultaneous interpretation is more expensive than consecutive interpretation.

Salary rate of interpretation in Vietnam

The lowest price in the public quotation of translation companies in Vietnam is 10-15$/h, the average price is 15-25$/h.

On average, an interpreter working 6 hours/day, 5 days/week, an average interpreter will earn about $2,400/month, equivalent to 49 million VND/month (2018).

In comparison with to the income of senior civil servants eligible to pay income tax as regulated by the Vietnamese government at 9 million VND/month, the average income of an interpreter is 5.4 times higher.

In addition, the income of branded interpreters who are invited to translate for big events, secret/internal events, events that need to be extremely precise, each hour can be up to 100 or several hundred US dollars per hour.

The above information shows that this profession actually helps make “easy money” and the working time is quite short. Many people think that it is really a very easy job to make money.

So is that really true?

Our Haruka translation company or other translation experts in the profession think that in order to achieve such a level of “easy money”, sweat, tears, pressure as well as worthy sacrifices must be made. just got like that.

People often talk about “occupational accidents” in any profession, and the translation industry is no exception. But we want to emphasize that occupational accidents in the translation industry are much more difficult than in other industries.

In interpreting sessions, there are situations where an interpreter is asked to be substituted for reasons such as poor translation, too harsh voice, style, attitude, and dress.

In such a case, no matter how embarrassing, how frustrating, you still have to happily accept the work ethic. Check the work in advance and prepare well, that’s the lesson to be learned;

Or the case where the interpreter was stopped by the speaker/audience midway to correct the translated information.

This is the case that happens the most, many speakers/audiences, although very proficient in foreign languages, still have to use interpreters according to the requirements of the job and if the translation is wrong or not intentional, you may be stopped. and prompts in a friendly or annoying way…

In any case, if you have not been fired from your position, calmly continue to translate and be more careful;

There are some force majeure cases such as the interpreter having to cancel the translation due to illness, sudden loss of voice, unexpected personal events, etc.

There are countless unforeseen occupational accidents that make interpreters cry, laugh, and lose their temper, unable to handle the situation. In such times, professional interpreters must be calm and flexible in handling situations to minimize unnecessary errors.

To be able to stick with the translation profession requires perseverance, sacrifice and passion for the profession. Because if you don’t accept the great pressure, then surely changing jobs (despite high salaries) is understandable.

People often say that “everything has a price”, this is really undeniable. Making money from the translation profession looks easy, but the sacrifice and hard work of the interpreter are few people can understand, only those in the same profession can realize it.