Is it difficult to become a translator?

To become a translator is probably the dream of many young people today.

Because the translation profession is currently a very popular profession, so is it difficult or not to become a translator?

Perhaps the answer will depend on your career orientation and persistence in learning foreign languages.

Because at first, learning a foreign language requires perseverance and feel a passion when learning, there are many people who have 12 years at high school and 4 years at university, but when they graduate, their language proficiency is still very low nearly by 0, they can not communicate even though they have pursued for 16 year studying.

The reason can be a certain limitation in methodology of teaching foreign languages ​​in our country. Secondly, students themselves did not have the perseverance when learning a foreign language. They find it difficult to learn foreign language, they feel dishearted and do not want to continue. This can not improve their foreign language ability because learning is a continuous process and require perseverance

In addition, it is important in career direction of your family and by yourself as still in high school, if you persist in learning a foreign language and trying to enter into a university or college of foreign language, your language learning path will become more open.

Because when you study at a foreign language university, you will be properly trained with a scientifically compiled curriculum which will help you have a solid knowledge of foreign languages ​​when you graduate.

So it is the right career orientation and perseverance in learning foreign languages ​​that will help you become the translator you are dreaming of.