Things need to pay attention when translating American English and British English

Firstly, pronunciation and intonation when speaking are different. The difference between the English that the British BBC announcer and the American ABC announcer are certainly to be immediately recognized by English learners.

If you are a person who can speak English rather smoothly, you should also pay attention to the slightly arrogant style of British English.

In the document, there are some differences in the usage of single words, grammar, articles, prepositions, etc. One of the great features of British English is its relatively polite style of writing.

In contrast, American English writing is characterized by straightforward communication. In British English, there are many sentences that have a roundabout way of writing, need to read carefully to understand.

By comprehending the difference between British English and American English and promoting the characteristics of each of these languages, it is possible to make English translations of better quality and more suitable for the intended use.

Below, I would like to introduce the different uses of the translated text based on this distinction.

Translating websites and flyers

In this case, the readers of the translated text are a variety of people from the English-speaking region of different ages and occupations.

On the other hand, there are also cases where the document is read by other foreigners who know English.

Therefore, it should be translated by  American English with the characteristic of a siple and straight-to-the-point writing style.

Contract Translation

Pusuant to British law or American law?

At that time, it is necessary to translate into English in accordance with the laws of each country.

Translating technical document

User manuals, technical documents related to product warranties, and medical-related documents should basically be translated by American English.

American English speakers have a high frequency of using them and there are many translators, so the price of translation will be cheaper than translating into British English.

Translating visa application, certificates

It is necessary to confirm in advance whether the destination is British English or American English country.

In British English-speaking public agencies, submitting documents in American English is considered as a typo and may not be accepted.

Translating thesis

For thesis, most will be written in American English.

If required to translate into British English, it is recommended to use British English with the error-checking function and ask a native English speaker to proofread.

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