5 essential skills for translators

For a good translator and interpreter, language fluency is actually not enough, it also requires many other skills, including social knowledge and specialized knowledge in the native language of the translator.

Haruka Translation Company would like to introduce 5 skills that translators and interpreters must be able to meet all the needs of customers.

1. Foreign language skills

This is the first prerequisite for a translator. It is important to apply proficiently thi skill to fully and accurately express the content of the originals.

So your foreign language needs to be proficient.

There are many different languages ​​in the world, so each language will have a corresponding grammar and style of expression.

2. Fluency in Vietnamese

For creating a good translation, in addition to proficiency in the target language, the translator must be comprehensive in the mother tongue. Both working and improving oneself will bring success to themselves.

Because to bring a work to the readers is a process of diligent work of the translator.

3. Specialized knowledge

Translators and interpreters are increasingly improving themselves in the direction of specialization.

Therefore, expertise in specialized fields is an indispensable factor. Because each specialty or field, the meaning of the word will be different.

4. Computer skills

The translating profession is a profession that often has to contact and work with computers, so the more comprehensive the translator, the more proficient he/she is in using computers, the work will become more and more convenient.

Translators do not need to know how to program computer software, but have to be good at typing, master office computer programs (know how to exploit utilities in word, excel, internet, etc. developing and managing database and Computer Aided Translation software.

5. Search skills

No matter how skilled you are, in the translation process, you will encounter unknown words.

Therefore, the ability to look up words is very important.

Apart from words in the dictionary, translators can use the Internet to look up words quickly and accurately.

In fact, both addition and enhancement of competency are essential for translators. Therefore, the search to capture the necessary information is very important.

In the nutshell

Haruka Company has just given some important factors that translators and interpreters need to have in order to improve their quality and professional competency in this job.

Hopefully all those who are passionate about the translation industry will be able to cultivate and practice these skills to go further and become top translation experts.