The role of notarized translation

At first, we need to understand what is translation? Translation is the change of documents from the original language into another language (the language to be translated).

And what is notarization? Notarization is bringing translated documents and original documents for judicial certification. The judicial certification will include the district judicial departments.

Notarized translation documents will be used legally at state agencies, consulates, embassies … that we do not need to submit the original document.

Therefore, a notarized translation will help us not to submit the original, but just a notarized translation is enough basis to justify our records.

Besides, currently there is a lot of exchange between countries, so if you leave the original, other countries will not be able to understand your language, so they will use the notarized translation as the main document. in dealing with you.

So the translation is very important because the notarized translation will be a replacement for the original, if the translation is incorrect, it will most likely cause your translation to have different content from your original. This can greatly affect your profile as well as your ability to succeed in doing business with partners.