Are the digits included in the translation cost?

Surely when looking for a translation service of a company, customers will be interested in the translation price of that company.

The way to calculate the translation price depends on the level of expertise and the length of each document, but there are still similarities in the pricing of a certain translation product.

There is a problem involved in calculating translation rates that most people don’t notice and can misinterpret, that is about digits.

Are the digits included in the translation cost?

A question is whether digits are included in the cost of translation or not? And how is the fee applied? Today Haruka Company will analyze the importance of digits and calculate the translation costs applicable to the alphanumeric component in a translation.

The digits also play an important role in a translation

Firstly, we would like to confirm that numerals play an important role in a translation and that it is an essential part to make up a text.

And of course, there will still be translation costs for those digits in the translation.

For complex digits, it is very important for the translator to arrange and process the translation so that it is reasonable and does not lose the generality and accuracy of a translation.

For example, in a design drawing or a scientific analysis related to complex chemistry and biology, retyping numbers and chemical formulas is also a complicated process. time consuming for translators and proofreaders.

Therefore, the completion of a translation in which the digits in the translated document are an important component must be included in the translation cost.

How to calculate the translation cost for digits depending on the number of digits, the complexity of the digits and the delivery time of the translation product.

Thereby, you have realized that calculating the translation cost for even digits is necessary and that is an important note when dealing with translation contracts with translation companies.