The most effective Japanese shadowing method

In the process of learning a foreign language, the application of a scientific method will make great effects for learners.
There are many methods that have been recommended and applied, but one method that Haruka Company would like to introduce to learners is the Shadowing method.
Here are the details of this very useful method of listening and speaking practice.

What is the Shadowing method?

Shadow means shadow. So it can be simply understood as chasing the shadow. This means repeating exactly and immediately what we hear.

Benefits of the Shadowing method

The purpose of this method is to help you improve your listening and speaking skill through common conversations – often not to be mentioned in textbooks.
First of all, the listening skill will be significantly improved because of listening, you are just able to repeat. The second benefit is the ability to speak with correct intonation. Next to it, with this method, response in listening and speaking will increase significantly.
In addition, the shadowing method brings many benefits depending on different purposes such as: learning pronunciation, speaking practice,listening practice with standard Japanese, listening practice with dialects, … But the major benefit is still improve your listening and speaking skills with correct phonetics.

How to do

To practice shadowing, you only need to perform 2 steps:
Choose the right way:
Choose a source of material to listen: CDs, Radio, entertainment programs, TV news, movies, etc. A popular but effective way to start this method.
Listen and repeat exactly what is heard at the same time.
For those of you just starting to learn Japanese or your listening ability is not really outstanding, you can listen first once and then listen again and repeat simultaneously while listening.
Regularly practice 3 times a day and gradually increase the number of practice times, surely your listening and speaking skills as well as communication response will increase significantly.
For learning, you can learn through the book “シャドーイング 日本語を話そう” or through the NHK programs as well as movies, comedies, etc.
Haruka Company would like to introduce the following website to start getting acquainted with this shadowing method
Applying the right method from the beginning will bring high efficiency to learners. Hopefully, the useful information that Haruka Translation Company provides will help you study effectively.