Haruka provided Japanese interpreter for nursing field in Hanoi

As we all know, Japan is a country with a high percentage of elderly people. The demand for personnel of elderly care in nursing homes is high. Annually Japan has recruited a large number of Vietnamese nurses to Japan to work.

Haruka Translation Company annually provides a large number of interpreting services in the nursing field.

Many interpreters have had practical experience as nurses in Japan for many years.

In Japanese, it is easy to be mistranslated into Vietnamese with  two words “kango” and “kaigo”. So what is the difference between the two words Kango and Kaigo? Kango translates into Vietnamese as a nurse, a doctor at a hospital.

Kaigo in Japan refers to people who take care of the elderly and disablilities, closer in meaning to the Vietnamese word “helper or paramedics”.

Haruka đã cung cấp phiên dịch tiếng Nhật ngành điều dưỡng tại Hà Nội