This is a minimum quotation for translating from Vietnamese into foreign languages and vice versa. The price will be adjusted based on the difficulty, deadline, etc.

Đơn vị: VND

Translated languagePrice (word, character)Price for A4 size
English From 600 VNDFrom 240.000VND
JapaneseFrom 1.000VNDFrom 400.000VND
KoreanFrom 1.000VNDFrom 400.000VND
Chinese From 600VNDFrom 240.000VND
IndonesianFrom 800VNDFrom 320.000VND
LaosFrom 500VNDFrom 200.000VND
ThaiFrom 500VNDFrom 200.000VND
BurmeseFrom 500VNDFrom 200.000VND
ArabicFrom 700VNDFrom 280.000VND
FrenchFrom 1.000VNDFrom 400.000VND
GermanFrom 1.000VNDFrom 400.000VND
SpanishFrom 800VNDFrom 320.000VND
ItalianFrom 800VNDFrom 320.000VND
PortugueseFrom 800VNDFrom 320.000VND
RussianFrom 800VNDFrom 320.000VND
HindiFrom 800VNDFrom 320.000VND
  1. The above quotation does not include VAT 10%.
  2. For translation orders from 50 pages or more or long term interpretation will be discounted.
  3. Please try once to experience Haruka service quality!

Level of translation completion

There are 3 level of translation completion based on customer’s requirement and budget

Translation for check

This is a primary translation service and simply check (only check for untranslated) .

This service is suitable for documents of foreign language that only require to check the content or when wanting to outsource for draft of translation and then create a complete translation.
Faithful translation
This is a service of careful translation, including proofreading, review and check by native person.
Translated document conveys the nuance of original and suitable for translation of important document for enterprises and common user
High quality translation
Apart from accurate and faithful translation, this service provides high quality, considering persuasive factor, style and solemn level.

Translation process


Coordinator performs the selection of the most suitable translator and he/she will start translation process.

In case of a large project, we will organize a team of translation and agree translation method and terms.



After the translation completed, manager will assign the translated document to another translator to reduce mistakes risen in the process of translation.

And then, we will change some features of translation for more smoothly.


Native check

In case of native check, the native person will perform the checking and vice versa.


Page layout (DTP)

Finally, we will perform adjustment such as font size, kind of font, bold, line or paragraph.


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