Several Haruka’s typical translation projects in the first 6 months of 2020

Haruka has completed large-scale translation projects in various fields, such as:

1. Technical documents on automobile, motorbike as well as legal documents of the company. To perform translation from Vietnamese and English into Japanese with the quantity of 500 pages.

Haruka has conducted and selected a team of Japanese translators who are good at English and have professional knowledge in the field. After that, another Japanese team checked each document carefully and completed the project in less than 2 months. Customers have responded positively, highly appreciated the early delivery as well as the guaranteed quality of the target document..

2. Documents on trainees, social and environmental topic: With the quantity of 700 pages translated from Japanese into Vietnamese. Although the project was carried out during the Tet holiday, the translation team tried their best to complete and deliver on time for Japanese customers..

2.Medical sector: Catalogue of cancer prevention and treatment with a volume of 200 pages translated from Japanese into Vietnamese and edited, within 30 days to deliver to Japanese customers for use in Vietnam.

4. Educational sector: Translation project from Japanese into Vietnamese for Chinese textbooks. Haruka performed the translation of 200 pages and completed it within 20 days. The translators are a team of experienced Japanese lecturer in famous universities..

5. Commercial and service sector: Translation project from Vietnamese into Japanese for 15 commercial contracts for use in the company system.

In addition, Haruka has successfully completed the translation of Chinese, Korean, Burmese, and Indonesian documents in many different fields. We have been progressively improving the quality of our services to bring the best translations to our customers.