Haruka joined Japan Translation Federation

From July 2018, Haruka translation company joined the Japan Translation Federation (JTF).

About Japan Translation Federation (JTF)

JTF is a commercial association for industrial translation including members who are companies, organizations and individuals involved in translation.

Established in April 1981 as an unincorporated organization. In September 1990, it was licensed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (or METI) and became a public interest entity.

Along with the reform of the public interest joint stock company, licensed by the Cabinet Office in April 2012 and transformed into a common legal entity.


With the implementation of survey activities, research, training sessions, human resource training related to translation and participation in international conferences on translation, towards the revival of translation activities, from it contributing to the socio-economic development of Japan.


1) Survey and research on translation activities

2) Organizing training sessions and lectures on translation activities

3) Conducting human resource training and verify qualifications and competencies related to translation activities

4) Collecting and providing information related to translation activities

5) Liaising and coordinating with domestic and foreign agencies related to translation activities

6) Protection of intellectual property rights related to translation activities

7) Rewards related to translation activities

8) Necessary activities to achieve the above stated purpose in addition to the content above.