Translating from Vietnamese into English, who is better?

When translating from Vietnamese into English, will the Vietnamese translate better or will the British, Americans, Australians, who speak English as mother tongue, translate better?

It is difficult for English speakers to fully comprehend Vietnamese

At first glance, perharps mother tongue of English speakers is English can help them make a translated document natural and in good English writing style. But there is a problem that they can omit Vietnamese or misunderstand Vietnamese.
For people who do not speak Vietnamese as their mother tongue, it is very difficult to fully understand every Vietnamese word and sentence. The same situation occurs to the translator in any country.
English speakers translate quite naturally
On the other hand, even misunderstanding, but because the writing style of translated document is quite natural, and if not reviewing with the original to double check, the translator will be satisfied with that translation without realizing their mistakes.
To avoid such mistake, it would be better for Vietnamese people to translate. When Vietnamese performs translation, there are very few cases that Vietnamese do not understand Vietnamese, so there is no misunderstanding Vietnamese.
Because many Vietnameses have good English skills, the translated sentences into English are also in high quality.
However, in this case, because Vietnamese translate into English which is not their mother tongue, it will have difference from translation by native speakers, there will be mistakes in structure, word and unintelligible. Because that translator has a different culture, the writing style will not be natural.
There are two ways to solve this problem
Firstly, it is essential to require a native speaker to check and correct the translated content, and secondly, emloying a native speaker who have the ability to comprehensively understand Vietnamese nearly equivalent to Vietnamese translator. But the second method is almost rare, so the first method is popular.