The most powerful languages in the world

Primary Language Impairment (PLI) has been measured by specifying 20 categories including Geography, economy, communication, mass media, diplomacy, etc. Vietnamese ranks at 52th.

Currently, in the world, there are nearly 7000 languages.

However, surprisingly, there are 7 billion people in the world, but more than half of that population only speaks 15 languages. And there are 2,000 languages spoken by less than 1,000 people.

NoGeography (22,5%)Economy (22,5%)Communication (22,5%)Knowledge/Mass media (22,5%)Diplomacy (10%)
1Using countryGDPNumber of people using primary languageInternetIMF
2TerritoryGDP per capitaNumber of people using second languageMovieUN
3Tourism (at home)ExportFamily scaleTop 500 universitiesWB
4Foreign currencyTourism (abroad)Using rate in thesisConcerned authorities
5Special withdrawing

1 is highest mark, nearly reaching to 5. Numbers in bracket below evaluation category are ranking rate based on each viewpoint, only deplomacy gains 10,0%.

Intelligible interpretation is

Geography is the width of territory using that language.

Economy is economic capacity of the territory using that language.

Communication is number of people who speak primary language, number of people who use second language.

Knowledge/Mass media is amount of information on internet, movies, universities, thesis.

Diplomacy is the influence at agencies, organizations out of country where use that language

Influential languages which are measured with above criteria are as follows.

NoMarkLanguageGeography (22,5%)Economy (22,5%)Communication (22,5%)Knowledge/Mass media (22,5%)Diplomacy (10%)

The first position is English. This is official language of United State, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada. Ranking at 1 position in all eveluation categories, attaining twice more than Chinese – the 2nd grade.

The 2nd position is Chinese – which is a language with a largest native speakers in the world.

The 3rd position is French, along with English which is a leading diplomatic language.

The 4th and 5th grade are Arabic and Spanish – which are international languages.

The 7th and 8th are German and Japanese – which are language of economic powers.

Portuguese is a major language in South America. In addition to economic development, this language is anticipated to gain a higher position gradually.

Vietnamese is at 52th position. Number of people using Vietnamese is 70 millions, which is at 14th position of speaking in the world.