How to manage list of terms in translation

The correct change of terminology is very important in translation jobs.

Since there are specific terminology to each industry, so when the translator does not know well about that field and performs translation carelessly in his understanding, it leads to a difficulty to understand for translated text.

In addition, when translating hundred page documents such as user manuals, it is necessary to maintain consistent terminology in the entire document.

For that reason, when translating highly specialized documents, it is essential to create and manage term lists, and make it bilingual in translation appropriately.

At Haruka, apart from translation, we also perform the creattion and management term lists based on the requirement of our customers.

For example: We will find out and list the terms based on the document provided by the customer, or if the customer already has a term list, we will perform the integration or make corrections.

By this way, we can create a list of accurate terms.

And if it is used appropriately in translation work, it is possible to ensure the consistency of terms and be able to continue using them in the future.

In addition, because the term list is often shared with many others, as time passing, the translated words will be blurred out or added arbitrarily, resulting in the creation of many lists of term.

At Haruka, we can help customers unify terminology by managing it on MS Excel and MS Access, or instructing customers on specialized software, etc.

If you are looking for creating the best term list, please contact us.