How to choose a trustworthy translator or translation company

When you need to translate important documents for a large project or for negotiation with a foreign business, you should choose a reliable translator or translation company.

Eye-catching and informative websites or brochures do not mean that the translators or translation companies have gained many translation achievements, or that looking at their business efforts to be assumed that is reliable interpreters or translation companies.

In addition, it is also impossible to subjectively judge that their translation fee is higher than that of other companies, thus, of course, the quality is also better.

To know if a translator or a translation company is trustworthy, the first thing is to ask them to show a sample of the actual translation that they have done and submitted to the client. For example, if performing translation contract, ask them to provide a piece of contract that has already done the translation.

After you have the translated sample, you should ask native speakers with good linguistic skills to review and give comment. For those translators who refuse to provide any sample translations for the sake of information security, attention should be paid.

If there is no native speaker to check, you should ask another translator or translation company to review and comment. Usually, reliable translation companies will definitely help with this. If they don’t help, it means that the company can’t do the translation job properly.

Otherwise, ask for a translation test. Usually, the translation company will agree to perform a test. After receiving a sample, it should be shown to native speakers and ask them for comment. In some cases, when performing translation test, translation companies ask good translators do it, and but in real translation process, they let other translators do it. Therefore, it is advisable to sign a contract to ensure that the translation company maintains the same translation quality as when performing a translation test.

In addition, in the translated document, it is recommended to write the full name of the translation company or the full name of the translator. When their name is included in the document, the translator will try to provide the best quality translation.

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