Equipment used for simultaneous interpretation

In this article, we will share with you information about this device and equipment and the benefits it brings back.

Introduction about simultaneous interpretation equipment

Among different types of interpretation, simultaneous interpretation is a high-end interpreting form that not only requires the interpreter’s translation ability, but also the support of advanced equipment or devices, called “Simultaneous interpretation equipment.” This is a term that surely anyone who has the opportunity to attend conferences and seminars has heard.

What is Simultaneous interpretation equipment?

You can understand that the Simultaneous interpretation device is a specialized tool, it is always used in international summit and conferences, it helps listeners receive information. and understand the content of the statements and speeches in the conference, communicated by its partners through another language.

The operation of the simultaneous interpretation system

This is a wireless device, which works based on transmitting wireless signals from the interpreter’s microphone to partners and delegates.

The type of wireless wave that is used in this device is infrared or FM.

Notes for using the simultaneous interpreter device

Simultaneous interpretation devices only have the function of transmitting information from the interpreter to the listener (the receiving person) but can not automatically translate the spoken language to the listener’s ear. This is also a confusion that many people get for the effect of this system.

    Most commonly in simultaneous interpretation sessions, the device used is VEGA headset and it can only be used to interpret for conferences and seminars with the communication of 2 languages. In case of more than 2 languages, you need to use another interpretation system

Above is the basic information about the Cabin interpreting equipment system that Haruka translation company introduces to you so that you can have more understanding about this issue.